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Monopolowa 4
51-501 Wrocław

1. The operator is:

WRATISLAVIA-BIODIESEL S.A. Monopolowa 4, 51-501 Wrocław
tel. +48/ 71 34 74 102
fax +48/ 71 34 74 110

2. The manager is:

President of the Board of WRATISLAVIA-BIODIESEL S.A.

3. Confirmation of the application:

WRATISLAVIA-BIODIESEL S.A. confirms that is subject to regulations in the field of preventing industrial accidents and that the company made the application referred to art. 250 act. 1 of the Environmental Protection Law. The operator forwarded the application to the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service and to the Inspector of Environmental Protection of Lower Silesia. Along with the application, the operator provided also the Prevention Program.

4. Buisness description:

WRATISLAVIA-BIODIESEL S.A. is one of the leaders in the production of biofuels in Europe.

Products that are on offer include: fatty acid methyl esters, pharmaceutical and technical glycerin, bioethanol.
The company’s mission is to provide a natural raw material to the market, which will replace crude oil, and will become a widely used, full-fledged component in industry.

Due to the amount of accumulated substances: methanol and sodium methoxide, WRATISLAVIA-BIODIESEL S.A. is qualified to lower tier establishment of industrial accident company.

5. Characteristics of deposited substances:

Both methanol and sodium methoxide are poisons. Both these substances, after ingestion or accidental absorption, may cause nausea, vomiting, headache and dizziness, alcoholic intoxication, visual impairment, blindness (irreversible damage to the central nerve), drop in blood pressure, excitement, apathy, and coma. Poisoning with both substances can also lead to death.

In addition to the abovementioned substances in WRATISLAVIA-BIODIESEL S.A. There are also other dangerous chemical materials, which, however, they do not decide to pass the company to those with an increased risk of a serious industrial accident.

Material safety data sheet for download below:

6. Means of warning and dealing in the situation of an industrial accident.

In the moment of a serious industrial accident in the company, the following will be immediately informed:

– Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Wrocław
– Lower Silesian Provincial Inspector of Environmental Protection

Based on internal procedures and instructions:
– alerting people about the threat
– evacuation
– limiting the effects of a accident
– information about the threat
– cooperation of Manager with emergency and order services
– providing information to the public about threats caused by WRATISLAVIA-BIODIESEL S.A.